Living the staple diet

“The first question that needs answering is perhaps the most complicated one. If I grow my own food and/or supplement with basic storable staples,  what will I be eating?  That is, how do I store what I eat and eat what I store? And the answer is complicated by all sorts of factors, including regional adaptations, climate, water access and your personal tastes and ethnic origins.   A number of people have mentioned that living on grains or roots and legumes is very alien to the diet they grew up with.  So how do we come to terms with the idea of a staple diet, and perhaps a diet based on the one or two major staples that grow best in your region?”

These words written by Sharon Astyk are some of the most profound and practical I have read in my research. I found this article to be enlightening and inspiring. Sharon is doing something very similar to what Victory Gardens Organic Growing Services is doing. I highly recommend reading this article so that you can start thinking about what you might like to grow for both optimum health and, if necessary, survival. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst–and have fun doing it all!  Read more here.


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